Michael Beasley took the opposite approach to Drake's hit single "Started From The Bottom." Instead, he worked his way backwards, from the top (Kansas State) to the bottom (Phoenix Suns) and now potentially out of a job after his recent arrest.

Michael Beasley took the opposite approach to Drake’s hit single “Started From The Bottom.” Instead, he worked his way backwards from the top and now potentially out of a job after his recent arrest.

Dear Michael Beasley (or Mike, or Beas, or B-Easy, or Super Cool Beas, or Skittles, or whatever the heck you go by these days),

After your recent arrest for suspicion of marijuana possession, I’m finally beginning to give up hope. I wished the best for you in Phoenix. I was optimistic that you would realize the incredible potential that flows through your veins. I had faith in you, but you broke my heart again. You’re breaking everyone’s heart. It didn’t have to be this way, Beas. You’re a good basketball player, and absolutely have the talent to play in the league. Hell, you could even be a go-to scorer if you got your act together – I remember repeatedly fist pumping at the Target Center after your buzzer beater against the Clippers, the night you dropped 33 points and 7 rebounds. You killed it that night.

Why can’t you just focus on basketball and leave the past behind? Are you incapable of growing up? This is the fourth time in your short career that you have been found with something weed related—perhaps it’s time to check back into rehab and get your mind right. I’m not a doctor, but it seems you have an addiction holding you back from realizing your true potential.

I have absolutely no idea where you came from or what you truly care about, but it pains me to sit back and watch you throw it all away. It makes me sick that you pretend like mediocrity is acceptable and failure is fine. If you don’t strive to be great then why even waste your time lacing up your sneakers? The paychecks are wonderful—that alone is probably reason enough to continue scraping along in the league—but isn’t there something inside of you begging to come out? Don’t you want to maximize Michael Beasley? It’s tough for a guy like me to understand your situation, especially because I don’t walk in your shoes everyday, but I think we would both agree that you aren’t living up to your skill. Screw the expectations, Michael. You were put on this planet to be more than a burn out.

God gave you immense basketball talent and it’s time you either put up or shut up. Either work your ass off to kick the bad habits, and realize your incredible god given gift, or just do everybody that has ever believed in you a huge favor and pursue something you can be fully invested in. You’re not only hurting yourself, but you’re affecting the people who believe in you. I can’t help but feel so much disappointment when I see you fail. You’re better than this.

Remember when you said you were through with marijuana at your news conference after signing with the Suns last offseason? You don’t? Well I do. You made me believe that Phoenix would be different.

“I realize 10 minutes of feeling good is not really worth putting my life and my career and my legacy in jeopardy. So I’m confident to say that that part of my career, that part of my life, is over and won’t be coming back.”

If I could say one thing to you, it would be to take some time and think about the legacy you want to leave. Do you want to be known as the No. 2 overall pick that couldn’t stop smoking pot and never came close to his ceiling? When it’s all said and done, you write your own destiny – I think it’s time to start seriously reflecting on what you want it to read. If you don’t want to be considered a good NBA player that’s completely fine with me, life isn’t solely about basketball, but just quit already if that’s the case. Stop teasing the basketball community with your occasional 20-point outbursts (12 games of 20 or more points last season in Phoenix). Either stop with the false hope or make a dramatic change in your lifestyle and start your way back up from the bottom. That’s what I want – a Michael Beasley resurrection. I hope you feel the same way.


A fan that wants to see you flourish.

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